One Million Scribbles kids - How to Play

Scribble is a game of drawing, describing, and making a huge mess of it

Get on a group call and decide what kind of words you want, you can choose from Very 'Not Safe for Work', Kind of Edgy, Family Friendly, Full List or Custom Starting Phrases

You'll be given a starting phrase

And you'll draw that as best you can

And the next player will try to describe it

And the next player will draw that

And it goes on like that, getting worse...

and worse...

until it doesn't really have any similarity to what it started with

Then once everyone has finished drawing and describing the person who started the phrase will reveal what everyone drew and wrote to everyone else. And hopefully it will be hilarious

In Scribble you don't need to wait for everyone else to take their turns, there are as many starting phrases as there are players so everyone plays at once.

There shouldn't be any words in your drawing, but you can decide as a group how strict you want to be about that: are "zzz"s above a sleeping character allowed?

You can practice drawing on the board below